What To Expect



We’ll send over your initial paperwork and intake ahead of your first visit to the clinic. This helps us get up to speed quickly and prevents wasting time. Set aside 30-45 minutes to be thorough with the paperwork.


Initial Assessment

On your first visit, we’ll perform the initial assessment. This includes an evaluation of vital functions, balance, oculomotor function, cognitive function, reaction time, a review of history, physical examination, and most importantly YOUR goals. This provides our doctors with a baseline about your brain’s health and function, and what you define as a successful outcome.



While the first appointment is all about figuring out what isn’t working, the 2nd appointment is where we summarize it for you. Often referred to as a report of findings, the 2nd appointment is an opportunity to explain what is happening, and more importantly an opportunity to see how your system responds to the therapies. Once we perform a trial of therapy, we’ll re-assess parts of the initial exam to make sure its working. Thats the beauty of functional neurology; its based on objective data which makes it very easy to track improvements.


Make A Plan

From there we make a plan based on goals and we cover all the details, such as how long will this take? How much can you help me? & How much it will cost? If you choose to move forward with treatment, we set the goal and do our best to move you to it in the time given. You’re then given an at home therapy program based on your final exit assessment, and perform it for an additional month to solidify the work we do in the clinic.