Tension Headache

Our approach to tension headaches is to hit it from every angle. We use physical therapy, vision therapy, vestibular therapy, proprioceptive therapy, and several others to make sure the pain leaves quickly and stays away permanently.

Vision Therapy

Bad feedback through the visual system is also a significant contributor to stubborn neck tension. Damage to certain reflexes, specifically the reflex that allows you to hold your eyes on something while you move (called the vestibule-ocular reflex), causes other reflexes to take over. If this reflex is damaged, another reflex that uses your upper neck muscles will kick in and make any tension headache more severe. We use vision therapy exercises to help rehab the original reflex and get the neck muscles to relax.

Proprioceptive Therapy

Tension headaches that don’t respond to traditional interventions alone require working through different systems. Rehabbing the muscle feedback systems that tell the brain where it is in space is a big part of our tension headache program. If the neck gives bad information to the brain, the easiest way to improve the feedback is to tighten up and receive more.

Physical Rehab

Chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue work, and several other rehab strategies are one of the pillars to our approach to tension headache. The goal is to rebuild the way you move around from the ground up, and make sure the strategies are things you can repeat at home. Most of all, we want everything to center around taking stress off your neck so they relief is long lasting.