Post Concussion Headache

Research Based, Multi Faceted Approach to Post Concussion Headaches


Concussions sometimes affect areas deep down into the brainstem that regulate things like heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration. Prolonged elevation of heart rate and blood pressure can give you what feels like a pressure headache behind your eyes or into your temples. We approach these issues through a combination of therapies designed to help bring stability to the systems that control autonomic function and fuel delivery. Once your brain has appropriate fuel and oxygen, we then progress to more advanced rehab.


Many times a concussion will affect the way muscles in the neck send feedback to the brain. Bad feedback causes the neck to tighten up, which makes you feel like you need to stretch your neck or get it adjusted. In these cases, you don’t need more mobility; you need the right kind of rehab to re-educate the muscles and get them to send better information.


Dysfunctional eye movements are often a significant driver of post concussion headache. The more errors detected from faulty eye movements, the more the brain will make compensations to help stabilize the eyes. One of the easiest ways the brain does this is to wind up the muscles at the base of your skull. Through detailed examination and specific rehab strategies, part of our approach to concussion correcting bad eye feedback to help the neck loosen up naturally.