Migraine isn’t “just a bad headache”. We get that, and treat it accordingly.

Upper Cervical Care

Making sure the upper cervical spine moves and functions properly is a pillar of our migraine care. We have many tools and strategies to take tension off this area. We’ll also give you tools and resources for you to use at home to make sure this areas stays freely moveable and pain free.

Hormones & Nutrition

Re-establishing proper function of your body’s stress system is a pillar of our approach to migraine. Not only will this reduce the number of monthly headaches, but it will also stabilize the conversion of sex hormones so your headaches are less severe during your monthly cycle. Pairing this with specific dietary modifications will help re-calibrate this vital system and help it work for you, not against you.

Neurologic Dysfunction

Neurologic dysfunction, particularly with circuits that control eye movements, can be a primary driver of chronic migraine. When the eyes do things they shouldn’t, your neck muscles will pick up the slack and tighten up in an effort to stabilize your eyes. This gives you the ever present tightness at the top of your neck that doesn’t respond to massage, chiropractic, or acupuncture. Combining these specific exercises with the orthopedic rehab allows us to enhance the effect of each type of therapy.