Chronic Headache

If you’ve tried everything and you still have headaches, it’s time to try something new. Our advanced diagnostics, integrated rehab, and metabolic inquiry will help uncover undetected variables that could be prolonging your recovery.

Metabolic Testing

Our approach to metabolic health is similar to that of rehab; get specific and uncover the subtle details that may have been missed. Traditional lab work is designed to catch big red flag health issues that are immediately dangerous. Chronic conditions often fall through the cracks and require a different set of tools. Thats where we come in. We look at things like hidden food intolerances, gut dysbiosis, latent infections, parasitic infections, and several others as a way to uncover any missing details that normal lab testing may have missed.

Integrated Rehab

Part of makes our rehab so effective is the use of therapies from multiple different disciplines. You’ll receive physical therapy, vision therapy, vestibular therapy, cognitive therapy, and several others as part of your integrated program. Pairing this with our comprehensive assessment means you’re getting not only the most integrated care, but the most specific care. We’ve designed our chronic care program to be different from the norm because the norm doesn’t work for everyone.

Advanced Diagnostics

If you haven’t had your eye movements screened for dysfunction, you could be missing out on a key driver of chronic headache. Choppy eye movements means a tight neck that doesn’t respond to manual therapy. In addition, we perform a full head to toe bed side exam, biomechanics analysis, and a QEEG if necessary. Its the most comprehensive assessment available, and its designed to uncover the missing details that may be preventing full recovery.