Auto Accident

We offer world class auto injury care as well as advanced diagnostic testing to see if you’ve sustained a whiplash injury or a concussion. Through a detailed assessment and an integrated treatment plan, you’ll get the most specific care possible to ensure a full and speedy recovery.

Relief From Dizziness, Headache, and Fatigue

Vertigo often goes hand in hand with head injury. Our approach and equipment is designed to pinpoint what systems are dysfunctional, and our rehab is as specific as possible to target the areas in need.

Integrated, Comprehensive Rehab

Integrated rehab is at the core of our program. We borrow concepts from several disciplines and integrate it into a single program that is designed to give you immediate, long lasting results from a concussion or whiplash injury.

Advanced Diagnostics

Before any treatment is rendered, we like to have a detailed understanding of what we’re dealing with. Our assessments can provide you with valuable information that tells you if you’ve sustained a concussion, and if so, how severe.