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Our Comprehensive Services

We create individualized long-term healing plans for our patients. Your pain is not like anyone else, and we treat it as such. Once we locate the area that is at the root of your pain, we create your personal plan to target the pain. This is how we are able to avoid the use of surgery and drugs for your pain relief. You can get the pain relief you have been searching for with our extensive therapy and rehabilitation options.

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Functional Neurology

Functional neurology allows us to locate the pathway between the brain and the body that isn’t functioning properly. When a connection isn’t functioning properly, it causes pain. When we located the bad connection, we are able to correct the problem with therapy. Our therapy targets the specific connection area and stimulates them just enough to encourage the connection to rebuild, also known as plasticity.

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Functional Medicine

We perform a series of laboratory tests to determine if your body is functioning at its best. If it isn’t, we have the therapy and healing options you need for recovery. Functional medicine treats the ailment rather than covering it up with drugs, it dives deep to treat the problem, not just ease the pain of symptoms. Hormone testing, nutritional analysis, and other lab testing options are good avenues to take to determine where and what the problem is.

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Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractic practice combines the techniques of traditional chiropractic care with modern neurological rehab methods. This combination takes the best of both for comprehensive healing therapy. It is a low-force and low-risk method of chiropractic care, the adjustments are made slower over a period of time.

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Rehabilitation In The Comfort Of Your Home

Our therapists teach patients how to perform healing movements and gentle stretches at home. With regular practice daily in your home, you will find that long-term pain relief takes a bit of time and effort. There are two types of at-home movements you can do. Some are exercises to provide pain and symptom relief, and others are a part of the neurological program. With a few minutes of these at-home exercises every day, you can solidify the results you feel in our office. This also allows you to take control of your healing and care. You don’t have to rely on an appointment or the doctor's help for the long-term effect.

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Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes healing is also found in the modification of your lifestyle. We will help you evaluate your lifestyle and identify something that may have caused you pain in the first place. While you heal, you may have to avoid activities that put you at risk of aggravating your condition. Lifestyle change is a slow process, and if we need to help you focus on changing just one thing at a time, we can help you in the way you need it most. The goal is for you to be able to do what you love without hurting yourself again.

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Nutrition Guide

We will help you adjust your nutrition as well. Diet plays a heavy role in your overall health, and as we know, the body is connected in very delicate ways. Your diet may be affecting your life in ways you are unaware of, but that is what our nutrition guide is here for. We will recommend specific nutritional supplements and healthier food choices. Even a small adjustment to diet, like making sure you get all the vitamins you need in your daily diet, can make a big difference. It is especially important to make sure you are prioritizing your diet while healing. Your body needs all the rest and proper nutrition it can get when trying to heal itself. A high in sugar diet could be hindering your recovery.

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Other Therapies And Healing Strategies

We have a wide variety of other therapy options and strategies we offer for your healing journey. We also offer neurofeedback, sensory-motor integration, cognitive training, neuromuscular re-education, vestibular rehabilitation, vision therapy, non-invasive neuro modulation, ARP wave therapy, neuro orthopedic rehab, reaction time training, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, eye training exercises, cryotherapy, reflex remediation and restoration, HPA axis rehab (hormones), low-level light therapy rhythmic movement and patterning, normatec recovery tools, dynamic tape, and vagal stimulation.

MCCH Can Help You Get The Pain Relief You’ve Been Searching For

Find The Right Healing Journey For You

Minnesota Center For Chronic Headache can help you find the pain relief you’ve been searching for. We offer many types of rehabilitation and we will build a healing plan specifically for you. Your healing journey is your own, but you don’t have to do it on your own or with drugs and surgery.