Physical Exam

Our physical exam has 2 parts. A head to toe bedside exam and a biomechanics analysis. The physical exam allows us to pinpoint any subtle neurologic dysfunction. The gait analysis allows us find any pain drivers that come from how you move around. We combine this information with our diagnostic data and then make a …

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VOG: Video Oculography

VOG analysis is one of the keys that unlocks targeted, specific neuro rehab. We record your eyes while your perform 10 unique tasks, each of which tells us the function of a different area in your brain. Each test is assigned an objective “score” indicating current level of function. From there, we can identify the …

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QEEG Brain Mapping

Detecting concussion using precise data analytics Before treating you for post concussion headache, we need to know if you’ve had a concussion, and how severe it was. With a QEEG , we can get answers to both these questions in a matter of minutes. Diagnosing Concussion One of the best things about a QEEG report …

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