VOG: Video Oculography

VOG analysis is one of the keys that unlocks targeted, specific neuro rehab. We record your eyes while your perform 10 unique tasks, each of which tells us the function of a different area in your brain. Each test is assigned an objective “score” indicating current level of function. From there, we can identify the weakest areas and rehab it accordingly.

Detecting Headaches

If you get headaches from busy visual environments, from scrolling too much on a computer, or from a certain amount of reading/screen time, VOG analysis is often helpful to pull back the curtain as to why certain things give you headaches. If we know which types of activities create symptoms, and if we can measure how dysfunctional they are, it allows us to create very specific rehab in order to fix it. Best of all, we can measure if its working and adjust the rehab accordingly.


VOG testing is helpful for headaches because it allows us to get extremely specific, and It allows us to see if we’re improving the function over time. It also allows us to see if the increase in function is permanent, a phenomenon known as neuroplasticity. With enough repetition and intensity, the neurologic exercises will create permanent, long lasting change. In the same way repetitively working a muscle will cause it to grow, repetitively challenging dysfunctional areas with specific rehab will force it to grow and strengthen over time, resulting in better function and most importantly, less headaches.

Integration, Integration, Integration

Much of the physical rehab necessary to resolve headaches works the exact same neural anatomy as the neuro rehab. Performing them either simultaneously, or one after the other creates a synergistic effect which means better results in less time and ultimately less headaches. This integration is at the core of our approach, and is part of what allows us to achieve industry leading results in the least amount of time possible.