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Custom Healing Care In Bloomington, Minnesota

If you have been suffering from chronic migraine headaches in Bloomington, MN, we can help you find relief and long-term healing. This is not a fast bandaid approach, our goal is to help you have long-term pain relief. We dig deep into the body, metaphorically speaking, of course, we use therapy to heal rather than surgery. Our diagnostic method is a series of lab tests and brain mapping to identify the location of the issue.

Our custom healing care is located in Bloomington, Minnesota. We have a different approach to healing than other migraine headache specialists. While some are happy to use pain medication and drugs for their pain relief, we want to give you a long-term solution to the problem, not something to treat only the symptoms.

More Than Just Pain Relief

We use tools like qEEGs, VNGs, VOGs and physical examinations to find the source of pain. Once we know the source of pain, we can target the area with our therapy options and other healing tactics. 

We are more than just a pain relief clinic, we treat the origin of the pain for true long-term healing. We can detect concussions with our qEEG and help to heal your brain recover from its injury. More than just detection, our qEEG can determine the severity. This brain map will help us decide what the best course of action for your recovery is.

We use VOG, which is video oculography, to gain more information about your brain through the way your eyes move when performing a task. We use this tool to gain insight into the weakest areas of your brain to rehabilitate it accordingly. 

All these tools and more help us to properly diagnose you so we can begin your healing treatment. Our healing clinic in Bloomington, Minnesota is here to help you not just manage your pain but heal from it. 

We Specialize In Headache Pain Treatment

We treat all types of headaches, and we treat them with individualized rehabilitation plans. We treat migraines, whiplash headaches, auto accident injuries, post-concussion headaches, tension headaches, and chronic headaches.

We know that a migraine is more than just a bad headache, and we treat it as such. Migraines can stem from neurological issues, hormone imbalances, or biomechanics. We can evaluate each aspect to determine what the root causes are. Once we know what the root causes are, we can proceed to the treatment. 

If you are suffering from headaches from whiplash or from lingering injuries from an auto accident, we can provide you with the therapy you need to make a full recovery. If you are experiencing headaches from this type of injury, it could be due to structural damage to your neck tissue. A whiplash or car accident is very traumatic to your whole body, but it can especially cause harm to your neck. This tightness you may be experiencing in your neck isn’t something that can just be stretched out, it requires a full examination and a comprehensive treatment plan.

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Get The Pain Relief You’ve Been Searching For In Bloomington, MN

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We specialize in the long-term therapy healing process because this is truly what will help you feel good rather than masking the pain with drugs. We are here to ease your headache pain in Bloomington Minnesota. We want to show you the difference our therapy options can make for you, and set you up for long-term healing success. Don’t trudge through your pain, start your healing process today at Bloomington Minnesota Center For Chronic Headache.