Headaches Are All We Treat

And We Treat Them Well

Every headache and every person is different, and we treat it as such. For your first appointment with us, we will perform an evaluation and tests such as qEEGs to determine the cause of your pain. We fully assess you and your pain, there is no guesswork when it comes to you and your health. With the help of Minnesota Center For Chronic Headache, you can get the pain relief you’ve been searching for.

Meet Dr. Thompson Maesaka

Dr. Thompson Maesaka is the founder and owner of the Minnesota Center for Chronic Headache. Originally from Rosemount, MN, Dr. Maesaka has been a lifelong student of neurology and has been involved in several neurology based projects before pursuing his doctorate in clinical rehab. He also has extensive work in the field of rehab based exercise, leading him to work for the Minnesota Vikings during his time at Lifetime Fitness. His passion for physical rehab and neurology led him to pursue a doctorate in the field of neurologic rehab, something he describes as “the perfect blend of both things I love.”

Dr. Maesaka graduated from the University of MN Twin Cities in 2011 with a degree in kinesiology and a minor of psychology. He later combined over 1,300 hours of post graduate neurology from the Carrick Institute with Northwestern Health Science University’s chiropractic program into a hybrid program specific to migraine and concussion. He is certified in corrective exercise through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Active Release Technique (ART), Rock Tape, Dynamic tape, and Graston. He is also a certified Neurofeedback provider.

Dr. Maesaka’s philosophy on practice is “be specific, treat the individual, and never stop learning.” His patients will tell you there is a genuine desire to help that shines through with every interaction. He believes real medicine empowers the individual to self manage their condition. This closely aligns with the design of the clinic’s approach, which relies heavily on collaborative efforts to create long lasting behavior change.

Functional Neurology

Functional neurology is a method of applying neurological knowledge to a patient’s treatment plan without surgery or drugs. This is how we build our individualized healing treatment plan for our patients. Functional neurology allows us to determine the best course of action for each individual. 

With the use of functional neurology, we are able to determine where the failure in the nervous system and body is. This is essentially the root of the pain you are experiencing. From there, we use this information to give you the best care and treatment to activate that specific area where the body or nervous system failure is. We evaluate the current state of that area, taking into consideration the health and current condition of the area to avoid over-stimulation. 

There is a fine line between under-stimulation and over-stimulation, and we are able to distinguish between too much and too little with our very specific assessment of the area causing the problem. We use this information to apply a specific amount of stimulation to the area.

Our Guiding Principles

We value you and our priority is to help you get the pain relief you’ve been searching for. This pain relief through therapy only comes after a comprehensive assessment to locate the origin. One of the main benefits of pain relief through therapy rather than drugs or pain relievers is that healing begins and gives you a long-term solution, not a cocktail to hide the pain.

The following core principles guide everything we do.

Every headache is unique. Every person is unique.

We don’t have a generalized plan to treat every headache. We have an order of operations, and the first step on that list is to evaluate you. When we focus on you, we are able to customize a specific therapy plan for you, and you only. Every headache can be caused by different issues in the body, and everyone’s health is a unique and private journey.


Assess, don’t guess.

When you come in for your initial assessment, this is the first step in our order of operations to help you. There is absolutely no guesswork. We evaluate your overall health with a qEEG, VNG, and physical evaluation.  These assessments allow us to peer into your brain to see if there is a neurological or another type of issue causing your pain. Our assessments are fully comprehensive so that we can get to the root of the problem. Our diagnosis process is customized and tailored just for you. We find the root of the pain so that you can get the pain relief you’ve been searching for.

Integration is better than isolation.

We integrate orthopedic-style rehabilitation with functional neurology. The brain and the rest of the body work together, and a missing link or a painful connection could be the cause of your pain. That is why we integrate functional neurology and physical therapy to get to the root of the damage or pain for true, long-term healing. The overlap of physical rehabilitation and brain rehabilitation is our specialty. The neural pathways from the brain and the physical body are overlapped and intertwined, which is why our full-body rehab with functional neurology is effective. 

Recovery is accelerated when you integrate the two styles of rehabilitation. The benefits of both working together are what will give you the pain relief you’ve been searching for.