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The team at Minnesota Center for Chronic Headache is here to help you find the root of your pain and create a treatment plan. We can help you get the pain relief you’ve been searching for without the use of drugs or surgery. Chronic migraine headache pain is something that plagues many people. When you are experiencing intense levels of chronic pain, it can feel debilitating. 

This type of chronic pain doesn’t have to be something you suffer through all the time, there are treatment options available for you that don’t involve surgery and drugs. We offer the most comprehensive treatment plans to give you the healing you need. Our approach to pain is about healing the source to eliminate the pain, not mask it with drugs and medication.

What We Offer

Functional Neurology

In short, Functional Neurology finds the pathways between the brain and body that are not communicating well, and corrects them. It is kind of like physical therapy for the brain. We find the areas that are damaged or dysfunctional, and non invasively stimulate them just enough the begin to rebuilding process known as “plasticity”.

Functional Medicine

We use a variety of laboratory testing to find out if your body is functioning at its optimal level, rather than finding out if you're sick. Functional Medicine treats the problem, not the symptom. Hormone testing, nutritional analysis, and basic lab testing are all possible avenues we may explore based on your presentation.

Chiropractic Care

We provide advanced treatments and adjustments utilizing "state of the art" integrated rehab that helps fuse traditional chiropractic with modern neurologic rehab. We also use a variety of modalities that work together with chiropractic to ensure the relief isn’t temporary. Most of our techniques are low force, low risk adjustments to ensure your safety and minimize risk.

What We Treat

We treat all kinds of headaches and concussion-related pain. Headaches and migraines can stem from almost anywhere in the body, like if your gait is uneven or if you have bad posture. We treat migraines, whiplash headaches, post-concussion headaches, tension headaches, chronic headaches, and any headaches from an auto accident.

We know that a migraine headache is not just a bad headache, it is more than that and deserves to be treated as such. Migraines can stem from several different issues, and they aren’t necessarily all rooted in the head. Hormones and biomechanics are much bigger factors in your overall health than you might think.

If you are experiencing chronic headache pain, it could be due to unknown factors and that is what we are here to find out. We will evaluate your biomechanics, neurology,  hormones, nutrition, and more. We can help you get the pain relief you’ve been searching for.



To properly diagnose you and find the origin of your headache pain, we have several different methods of diagnosis.
We use qEEG, VNG, and a physical exam. 



A qEEG is a quantitative electroencephalograph. There is a small difference between a qEEG and a standard EEG. A qEEG uses mathematical and statistical analysis methods of mapping the brain. A qEEG will compare your brain mapping to standard gender and age control. Basically, it maps out your brain’s electrical activity and measures it. The map of your brain's electrical activity is compared to others in the control group to learn as much as possible about your brain map and can help in diagnosing where chronic migraine headache pain is.

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A VNG is another test we use to determine where your pain is or to diagnose vertigo. A VNG is a videonystagmography and it measures involuntary eye movement. This involuntary eye movement is called nystagmus, and it can cause dizziness, headaches, vertigo, and other problems, It is a great tool we use and it can significantly aid us in our process of elimination and tests to figure out where your pain is originating.

Physical Exam Page

Physical Exam

Lastly, we perform a physical examination. Our exam focuses on two different factors, a head-to-toe assessment, and a biomechanic evaluation. Our head-to-toe evaluation will help us notice any subtleties that are unusual that may point to neurological dysfunction. Our biomechanic evaluation will examine your posture and gait, and overall movement patterns. You may not think that an uneven gait could be the root of your pain, but the body is all connected and it can be causing a variety of problems that lead to you having intense and chronic headaches.

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Non Invasive, drug free therapy

List of the therapies available

What My Patients Say

“After being told more than a dozen times that I’m “fine”, Dr. Maesaka found the root cause of my headaches and took them from 25 a month down to 1 or 2. Now I only take my medication when I have flair ups instead of every day”

“Their approach is so comprehensive. They were able to actually show me where my headaches were coming from, and they knew exactly what to do to make them go away. Dr. Maesaka is deeply knowledgable but more than that, its so obvious he cares deeply for the well being of his patients. I truly felt heard and cared for whenever I was there”

Minnesota Center For Chronic Headache Can Help

Get The Pain Relief You’ve Been Searching For

If you have been suffering through your pain and are ready to seek treatment, come see us. We will send over all the necessary paperwork to you so that when you walk into our clinic for your first appointment, you are ready for your initial assessment. 

In your initial assessment, we will gain all the information possible that may point to the root of your pain. The second assessment is a consultation-style appointment where we will explain to you our conclusions drawn from your initial assessment. From there, we will help you choose a therapy plan that is comfortable for you to get you the therapy you need to relieve your pain.

We will talk to you about what the therapy includes and how it will help you attain ultimate pain relief. We also give you therapy tasks to complete at home for constant and ongoing healing. Get the pain relief you’ve been searching for with Minnesota Center For Chronic Headache.